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Eugene Skin Divers Supply opened it's doors in 1956 when Don Hollingshead and a partner purchased the air compressor and remaining equipment from a store that was closing down. The first Eugene Skin Divers Supply was operated in the back room of an appliance store on Blair Blvd.

After several years there, Don bought out his partner and moved the store several blocks away to it's own location. In 1969 the store was moved to its current location on 6th St. into an old house. In 1992 our present building was completely remodeled and added on to. Now we keep making modifications to change with this fast growing sport.

Today the store is owned and operated by Don's son Michael. Together with our highly trained staff, Eugene Skin Divers Supply can offer you the highest level of service and professionalism. Our staff owe a lot to our founder Don Hollingshead who passed away in June of 1991. Those of us who had the pleasure of knowing him personally have enriched our lives.

This page is dedicated to his memory.